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New Jersey School District Statistics

New Jersey School Districts: 668
Total Students Pre Kindergarten - 12 Grade: 1,451,180
Total Males: 710,267
Total Females: 670,486
American Indian Students: 2,419
Asian/Pacific Islanders : 96,895
African Americans: 245,015
Hispanic: 237,262
White: 799,162
Total Staff: 203,960
Fulltime Teachers: 109,077
Ungraded Teachers: 18,123
New Jersey Pre Kindergarten Teachers: 212
New Jersey Kindergarten Teachers: 3,796
New Jersey Elementary Teachers: 57,323
New Jersey Secondary Teachers: 29,623
Elementary Guidance Counselors: 1,580
Secondary Guidance Counselors: 2,093
Total Guidance Counselors: 3,673
LEA Administrators: 1,832
School Administrators: 4,917
LEA Admin Support Staff: 7,425
School Admin Support Staff: 9,023
Student Support Services Staff: 11,446
Other Support Staff: 27,604
Library Media Support Staff: 1,625
Librarians Media Specialists: 1,871